Williams and Sedona, AZ

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

We cruised into Williams, AZ to meet up with our good friends (and fellow Airstreamers) Linda and Thurman. We have a buddy site at the Grand Canyon Railroad RV Park. When they say “railroad” they are not kidding! It’s just a few hundred feet away and super fun at 1 am when a conductor decides to lay on his airhorn for 10 minutes!! However, this didn’t spoil our trip as we enjoyed a day shopping in the cute little town. With so many the kitschy souvenir shops, we all ended up with something new to take home -including a few extra pounds as the BBQ was great at the Cruisers 66 Cafe. Shortly after we arrived for dinner, I happened to look down at my hand to realize that my wedding ring was gone. I remembered taking it off to clean it in our RV, but didn’t remember putting it back on. I was too panicky I couldn’t wait until after our meal, so I ran back to the campsite to look for it. I went through every spot I had been to no avail, I was feeling more than a bit desperate when I finally searched a cupboard one more time and it was laying at the bottom of a bin. Ugghhh! It’s always something, but so happy I found it.

Oh Deer!

We spent another day at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. We have all visited before, but this is not to be missed when you are in the Williams’ area. The deer are very friendly when you have a cup of food in your hands, not so much once it is gone! They are ever hopeful though, so come around to check if you have gone for a refill. In addition to deer, they have all sorts of other creatures including reindeer, a camel, miniature horses, a zonky (yes, you read that right, a mix between a donkey and a zebra), and prickly porcupines just to name a few. You can get up close with most the creatures who come in as rescues and their staff is super friendly and informative.

Site Seeing in Sedona

Williams is about 1hr 20min to Sedona, AZ so of course we took the drive down. The winding drive down through the mountains into town is so beautiful, it’s simply breathtaking. On this trip we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which none of us have been to before. It sits high atop the red rocks and though Catholic in faith, its doors are open to all for a visit. Once you arrive, you walk up a circular ramp that takes you to the entry doors. I was more than surprised upon entering to see a 90 foot tall iron cross with Jesus looking down as he hangs from the cross, his eyes are piercing. There is such a deeply spiritual feel to it, I had to sit in a pew and just pray. So thankful for our good friends, this great trip and how fortunate we are to have these opportunities. May God bless each of you!

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