san antonio, texas

Hello! We pulled into San Antonio, Texas for the next 4-5 days, this will be our main stop-over in Texas. We visited the Alamo and River Walk when we did a similar trip 5 years ago, so those sites were not high on our list this time around. However, we did end up at River Walk for an afternoon, but what a difference post-COVID vs pre-COVID. A lot of stores didn’t make it and the restaurants were short staffed, so long wait times for seating and food once you ordered. We heard the problem was getting employees to come back to work. I guess as long as the extra money provided by the Feds is around, this will be a challenge. We actually came across this issue at restaurants across the country, help wanted signs are everywhere.

Dining on the River Walk in San Antonio

Of course when in Texas barbeque is mandatory and we found a great place called 225 (degrees) Urban Smoke. We tried the brisket and smoked sausage with a yellow bbq sauce (kind of a mustard based flavor) and traditional bbq sauce. We paired this with scratch-baked macaroni and cheese, shoestring fries, and pickles, yum!!! The only thing missing was fried green tomatoes, we will have to find these at our next stop in New Orleans, LA.

San Antonio sunset and new closet shelves!

San Antonio weather kept us guessing! The forecast would call for rain and we had clear skies. The forecast said no rain and we got torrential, drenching rain and this was especially frustrating on the day we planned to go to Sea World. We were supposed to have clear weather and at first it was just raining just a bit. No problem, we brought our umbrella and light raincoats (because its also warm, in the 80s). Then it started coming down a bit harder and harder until it was torrential and they actually closed the park. They issued passes to come back another day, so not a total loss. On a brighter note, we finally built some shelves in our closets – yeah šŸ˜Š more storage space!

A few days later, we tried going to Sea World again, this time, only a very light rain first thing in the morning so no problem. But as the day progressed, it got so hot – – 90s – – plus the very high humidity, we only lasted a couple of hours before calling it quits. I fear we have more of this to come as we travel through the southern states, thank God šŸ™ for air conditioning!!!

An odd duck? Not sure what type of bird this is, but he was very friendly and came right up to us to say hello.

One Comment on “san antonio, texas

  1. Adventure with gusto and just roll with whatever comes your way!
    Have an extraordinary time.
    Kind Regards,
    Helen potts


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