Disney Fort Wilderness orlando, FL

Fort Wilderness Campground

Howdy folks, Mickey here stopping by Sharon’s blog to say welcome back! It’s been 5 years since we last saw Sharon and Joel at Fort Wilderness and boy oh boy have we missed them (and their Visa card). Welcome back, and oh, don’t forget to activate those “magic” bands that automatically link Mickey to your bank account – yipee!

Thanks Mickey. Yep, we’re baaaack! This time we decided to see just how fast Mickey can drain our wallet so we are staying 12 days. We really do enjoy Fort Wilderness, it is an ideal campground. it’s very quiet with a nice woodsy feel and lots of wildlife (more on that below), super clean, no long term campers (they offer no discounts based on how long you stay), it is spotlessly clean – – even the restrooms, and customer service is outstanding. We have tickets to two parks this time around – Disney World and Disney Hollywood Studios (where they keep Star Wars in Florida).

Peaceful lagoon at the campground
Our campsite


There is so much wildlife to be found here – to name a few that we personally encountered: an armadillo, deer, wild turkeys and their chicks walking through our campsite, squirrels, a variety of birds including a vulture that would stroll down the middle of the road, and the most beautiful red cardinals.

The Parks

We are super excited to be visiting Star Wars land at Disney Hollywood Studios. Luckily, we were able to win a lottery of sorts to go on the best ride EVER – – Rise of the Resistance. It was so fun and unlike any other ride we have been on. The above pic are storm troopers that took our group of resistance fighters captive, they have live action actors that interact with you and you are thrown in prison, escape, board a star fighter and crash land. It’s hard to describe all the action and you are sometimes standing, sometimes being herded through an escape hole lasered into the wall, all sorts of craziness. When we got off this ride a real storm had just rolled in and it was pouring rain, thunder and lightening which somehow made our crash landing a little more realistic.

We were also able to get into the Star Wars bar, which was something else. They have all sorts of the most unusual drink and food concoctions. I think I may have actually eaten SPAM, not sure the lighting was low and most of the “food” items were unidentifiable.

This was our appetizer plate, most of it was unidentifiable since we were visiting another galaxy.
Joel kept with the theme in his outer space Mickey shirt


All I can say is this is not the place to start a new diet….

This was not my burger, but uhummm, someone I know….

Good night, sweet Disney dreams!!

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