Savannah, GA

Okay, so this happened….

I am just going to get this one out of the way…ugghh, our awning collapsed during a flash rainstorm the day after tropical storm Elsa came through. We thought we made it through the storm with just some branches blown onto the roof, the next day it was sunny and clear so we put the awning out. That evening, a flash rainstorm came through dumping a ton of water in a very short period of time. The awning is a total loss and Airstream informed us that the replacement cost is around $7k. Sucks, but we’ve added it to the (ever growing) repair list so let’s move on before I start getting too depressed.

We are either in a tropical rainforest in Africa or Skidaway Island in Georgia, not sure which.

Welcome to Skidaway Island near Savannah, GA. It’s gorgeous, lush and super quiet, all you hear are the sounds of cicadas singing in the trees at night. The thunderstorms have kept us inside most of the day watching movies. I tortured Joel with a chick flick day and we watched Gone with the Wind – the whole 4 hours ­čŹ┐ pass the popcorn! “As God is my witness, I will never starve again!” Then we had chili dogs, which were soooo good because I made the chili from scratch, used premium hotdogs and these wonderfully soft brioche buns. Not sure if beans are a good idea in the trailer, but we’re living dangerously.

Even the dogs are tired of being inside and they are layzeee!

Downtown Savannah

Lobby in the JW Marriott Savannah

OMG!!! The JW Marriott located along the riverfront in downtown Savannah is so amazing, you must see it to believe it. Above, you can see the 135 foot silver dinosaur skeleton that hangs from the glass ceiling. Originally built in 1912 as a power plant, the building maintains its historic architecture with original red brick walls and huge roof scaffolding, but modernized with glass and steel and the largest collection of giant geodes I have seen outside of a museum. The walls are covered with them, they are artfully displayed throughout the lobby and they even sell some very unique pieces in the hotel gift shop. The stunning lobby was a godsend as a relief from the heat and humidity outside and there were comfy leather chairs to sit back and rest those tired tourist tootsies. Love this place and wish we could move our Airstream into the lobby (it would fit, seriously) and stay.

Oooooh Ghosts ­čĹ╗

There’s nothing like an 18th century cemetery smack in the middle of town to remind you of your mortality. Most of the gravestones were so old you could not read them, but the City provides plaques throughout the cemetery to provide context. The biggest problem was being eaten alive by bugs while we were perusing the grounds, Joel actually had one bite on his leg that was bleeding. Give them some grass – and the bugs go crazy. I am still trying to find something that actually works on the itching. Yes, I’ve tried bug spray (the smell is so awful), lotions, potions, hydrocortisone creams, etc. What works best so far is a wet cloth soaked in lavender Epsom salt applied over the bites, and it smell really nice too. Maybe the graveyard ghosts were having the bugs attack us…hmmmm.

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