Nashville and Lebanon, TN

2021 International Airstream Rally!

800+ Airstreams all together ❤

We pulled into the 64th Annual International Airstream Rally and it was a site to behold 800+ Airstreams lined up in a huge field in Lebanon, TN (about 30 min. outside Nashville). The location was at the Lebanon Fairgrounds which is a sprawling 70 acre complex of open fields (with hook ups~!), pole barns, and a historic village called “Fiddler’s Grove” which features a blacksmith shop where we watched them teaching 18th century blacksmithing.

As the Club President for San Diego, I participated in Opening Ceremonies, carrying our Club flag. It was fun and we met so many great new people. Having the common bond of our shared love of Airstream, it was a good time hanging out, going to dinner, and swapping “war stories” (word got around quick about our hail damage, every Airstreamer’s nightmare). We had a swap meet the last day where you could find all sorts of Airstream bling and hard to find parts for our vintage friends. So with all this love fest going on, there actually was some drama.

First, we had the coolest neighbors, Ty and Amy (love these guys!) and Ty is the quintessential nice guy, helping Joel with putting air in our trailer tires (he’s never checked them this entire trip – – they were 20 lbs low each—-arrrgghhhh!). But there was this elderly couple in the row directly in front of us and honestly, I thought the man may have been suffering from some early-stage dementia because earlier he was walking by our trailer angrily talking with no one else around and it didn’t seem like he knew where he was going, kind of wandering. Later that evening, I hear a woman screaming “STOP, STOP, STOP” I thought she was being attacked. I wasn’t feeling well and was already in my jammies, so of course I shoved Joel out the door to see what was going on to help.

Screaming continued and it also sounded like fighting, so now I had to poke my head out to see what was going on. Apparently, the old guy was very drunk and when his dog ran out his trailer door when his wife opened it, he went after it lifting it completely off the ground by its neck (full grown lab/retriever mix). Wife is screaming for him to stop and Ty, who caught the dog as it was running by and had given him back to the guy, was telling him, “hey, you don’t need to do that, our dogs do the same thing, it’s okay.” But the old guy just got angry and started swinging at Ty (keep in mind he is very drunk), got a hold of Ty’s t-shirt ripping it off of him as they fell to the ground. Now when you mess with one guy in the trailer park – you mess with the WHOLE trailer park so everyone is coming out now and we are all also animal lovers and would never tolerate any sort of cruelty. Verbal escalations ensued, the cops were called. Ty didn’t press charges and just had the incident documented. But seriously, that guy was messed up, couldn’t walk without falling over and we were all on alert the rest of the evening, luckily, seems he must have just passed out.

Nashville, TN

We made a couple of day-trips into Nashville to site see and hang out. They have the BEST shopping! Also, great restaurants since this is a tourist town. An interesting option was this restaurant called Aquarium, the whole restaurant was giant floor to ceiling aquariums and you could watch the fish swim around while you eat their friends (not really, you don’t eat aquarium fish :-).

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