Our First Airstream

The Basics

We chose a 2017 22′ Airstream Sport for several reasons. The floorplan worked best for us and the Sport is a little more narrow in width (8 feet) and lighter (4500 lbs).  This model doesn’t have the ducted air conditioning system, which adds weight, but we didn’t have to give up too much in switching from the International or Flying Cloud models.  As an added bonus, it’s also a little less expensive than some of the other models.  We added a custom bike rack on the back, rock guards on the front (the replacement cost for one corner panel is $8,000), back-up camera, a screen guard on the front screen door (our dogs always greet us with over enthusiasm), and of course – some blingy custom interior decor.  Interior decorating is a passion of mine, so I’ve had to exert all the self control I could muster not to go overboard with interior furnishings – after all it’s a small trailer!

When outfitting the kitchen and bath, a few things we kept in mind – small, light, and unbreakable.  Things have a way of “reorganizing” themselves when we’re on the road.

Our dog Lulu loves watching tv.


The Tow Vehicle

So many choices in trucks these days – it was really hard to know where to begin.  It seems everyone has their picks, biases, etc.  For ourselves, we really like Toyota/Lexus vehicles because we have found them to be very reliable and safe.  We already owned a Toyota Tacoma at the time we first made the decision to buy an Airstream.  We also owned a cute little vintage trailer that had been professionally restored, a 1958 Westerner Deluxe. Since it only weighed about 1500lbs, towing it was not a problem.  However, with the bigger Airstream, Joel was concerned.  He couldn’t imagine towing 4500lbs+ up a big mountain with the Tacoma.  We considered a Tundra, but found the fuel economy to be prohibitive.  After much debate and consideration we decided on a Ford F-150 that is custom outfitted for towing.  It has special trailer backing settings, is light weight aluminum and has an engine that can tow 9000lbs+.  Just for the record, I am not a big fan of their exterior/interior styling – too boxy and basic – but practicality won out over aesthetics in this case.





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Airstream travelogue as the Ginger-Owsen dynamic duo roam with their dogs Belle and Lulu

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