Salt Lake City, UT

Hello again, we have spent the last week in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas (Perry and Honeyville). The area is very beautiful, with gorgeous mountains surrounding downtown Salt Lake City which is nice and flat; excellent for bike riding. As we were driving in from Reno, the flat barren desert landscape turned into expansive salt fields.  I really wanted to pull over and try licking the ground – it was so strange!

While visiting downtown, we went to the Hogle Zoo and the Natural History Museum. Coming from San Diego, I am a bit of a zoo snob, however, this zoo was a pleasant surprise and we really enjoyed our day. We especially liked the bats and porcupines which seemed very sociable as long as you don’t get on the wrong end of those quills. Joel wanted me to get the porcupine quill earrings at the gift shop…ummm, I didn’t like them that much (yes, they were as tacky as you are imagining right now). Seriously, he really thought I would wear porcupine quills?? Needless to say, I’m getting a little nervous about what Santa Joel might have for me under the tree this year – yikes!!

Moving on, after a week in SLC, we met up with a vintage trailer group called Tin Can Tourists in Honeyville, UT. The campground was beautiful and the group was a lot of fun. One of the things we enjoyed most was Crystal Hot Springs, a natural hot spring with the highest mineral content in the world (their claim). We floated around for an afternoon and I left feeling so relaxed, it was wonderful!

We did have a rough night the last night of our stay. Lulu woke us up at 3 am with the thunder down under (no polite way to say this), and being in a small trailer this news, or rather smell, travels fast!  Joel was first up swearing a blue streak and waking up the entire campground as we evacuated ship for a clean up. Luckily, the nightly freight train came thundering through laying on its horn at the same time to help drown him out. Belle used the diversion to take off and search the campground for goodies left on the ground. This is how I found myself running around at 4 am in my undies and tennis shoes with a flashlight whisper yelling Belle’s name and wondering why the heck do I have dogs?!?!?



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